Some things about me. 
This site first began with the most devastating moment of my life, my late husband’s cancer diagnosis. That is the day we headed down a life-altering path, leaving us forever changed. I originally started a blog to share the latest medical news with our nearest and dearest.

It quickly turned into so much more.

Putting my thoughts onto paper became a sort of therapy for me. I have stayed at it, faithfully chronicling all of the events of our lives from our fight against cancer, the birth of our son after years of infertility, and our daughter’s miraculous recovery from bacterial meningitis. 

Admittedly, life for us has been anything but normal.

It has been humbling to see this site eventually grow and grow to the point where it has reached millions of people in places I never even knew existed. People have felt a heart connection to this space and a community has been built. For that I am so grateful.

After Joel passed away it was not the end of the story, but in many ways the beginning. I no longer solely write about the details of our journey but share the beauty we see being created in our midst. My greatest hope is to inspire others to live life as an overcomer. Even amongst pain and grief I fully desire to model that our best days are still yet to come. 

What do I love the most? That’s easy-my family. I was recently remarried to my High School sweetheart. Being his wife is my dream come to life. I am also a Mom to five (yes you heard that right!) My children are my greatest loves. Being their Mama is just the best.

After that? Well, I love adventure. I love pushing the limits. I love trying new things, seeing new places. I love living life to the fullest. As much as I like to see and explore, being home and cozy with a book will always be my favorite. A walking dichotomy, I know. Oh, I also love Chai Tea, a lot.

Writing and Vlogging are also at the very top of that list. They are my life. What I do, what I love. This community of readers has my heart so deeply. I think of you often, daily. Sharing my heart with you is my greatest honor.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to look around, make yourself at home. I’m so happy you're here.

Sarah Rodriguez Rhodes

Author, Blogger, Speaker.

Seeker of Beauty in all things. Lover of Laughter, Creativity, Adventure and Chocolate.