Loving a widow With children…

When a man marries a Widow with children... 

•He acquires a package deal. There’s no co-parent in the picture, no weekends away. He becomes 100% Dad 100% of the time. 

•He takes on the worries, fears & trauma of what the Mother & Children have endured in their loss.

•He lives with the painful ramifications, at times, of a history he had no part in. 

•He becomes Dad to kids forever processing the loss of theirs-who are afraid to fully love this new man, because they could always lose him too. 

•He feels the pull of sensitivity towards what was & strength in the newfound position of what is. 

•He stands confident in who he is as a Husband & Father, while the people he has chosen to love may push away his love at times, because they know the reality that life can take as quickly as it can give. 

•He shows up, every single day, even knowing good & well there will be hard ones. Those are the days he chooses to comfort & love the most. 

They know all of the above, yet STILL choose to love, to protect, to fight for, to surround & to selflessly give to the broken until they are made whole again. 

It’s not only the Widow who is strong, it is also the man who chooses to love her. ❤️