In a single moment a cancer diagnosis changed everything we thought we knew, sending us on a journey we never dreamed we would face. Joel fought the disease valiantly, never once complaining, giving all he had to remain with his family. In the end, his spirit had more strength than his body possessed. He passed away at the tender age of 35.

He left behind an inspiring legacy, the colors of his life deeply braided into the fabric of ours.


A few things about Joel:

Joel loved his family and friends

Joel loved to laugh

Joel loved to eat

Joel loved to cook

Joel loved to play games

Joel loved to learn

Joel loved saving money

Joel loved electronics

Joel loved to give

Joel loved to serve

Joel loved to take care of others


Besides being one of my oldest/dearest friends, Joel was a remarkable person. Even when we were younger you could tell there was something different about him. Without even verbalizing it you could see by his body language, he simply left things in the hands of God.
— Simon (friend)
Joel has an infectious laugh, can fix almost any technical issue and when he loves-he loves with deep thoughtfulness. As a kid he grew up in one of NYC’s toughest areas-you’d never guess he’d end up calling Oklahoma home. He was a practical jokester, a total goofball and the best friend any guy could ask for.
— Pierre (friend)

My Daddy is like a lion. He is brave and mighty and strong.
— Milo (Joel's son)


All that this family is, and all we will ever be, is because of Joel’s life.
Everything we do is in memory of him.

Never forgotten. We love you Joel.