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From  Depths  We  Rise

From Depths We Rise is a miraculous story of hope and overcoming...a journey of beauty from ashes, of marching towards purpose out of pain. Sarah Rodriguez's awe-inspiring story will encourage you to grasp tightly to your faith and to rise above even the most daunting of circumstances.

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“It’s one thing to talk about the moments you’ll need faith the most. It’s another to live through them. Sarah is someone who’s story will inspire you to live your own!”
Jon Acuff
— New York Times Bestselling author of Do Over.
“Stories are far more than just words on a page. They can be explosive agents of personal hope and transformation as you’re allowed to peer into someone’s most difficult moments, learning how they refused to let go. From Depths We Rise can be that story for all of us. Sarah Rodriguez gives a raw and intimate view of her heart as she walked through the valleys of disease, loss, death, and excruciating agony—yet still managing to emerge on the mountaintop. This inside view of her family’s unfathomable journey left me forever changed.”
Christa Black Gifford
— Author, speaker, songwriter
“Every life takes unexpected and at times heartbreaking turns. You will find, as I did, Sarah Rodriguez’s story of heartbreak, loss and radical hope an inspiring one. “
Stasi Eldredge
— New York Times Bestselling Author of Captivating and Becoming Myself
“People today wonder whether God is alive and still moving. Historical arguments and evidence abound that this is indeed the case, but more deeply than all of that, we want to know whether Christ is alive in us and cares about us. Sarah’s story will give you hope. Her strong faith in the midst of incredibly heartbreaking circumstances will help you see that God is not only alive, but that he loves you deeply. Which is the question we’re all really asking anyway.”
Carey Nieuwhof
— Author and Founding Pastor, Connexus Church.
“Radical people change and propel our hearts into deeper faith and joy. When you think you can’t bear another sorrow of Sarah’s story, she sets your heart ablaze and carries you from the ashes to a beauty and joy that transforms and moves you to deeper intimacy with Him. This is a story that everyone must read for this hour—it will change you forever.”
Amy Black, MA, LPC
— Director and Founder of Gold Monarch Healing Center
“I had the unique privilege of watching this painfully triumphant story be lived out in person. Sarah invites her readers into her personal journey in a refreshingly honest and hopeful way yet isn’t afraid to wrestle with the difficult questions of life and mysterious ways of God. Her story will inspire you to keep running, to not give up and believe that God is truly able to make beauty from ashes.”
Chris Bennett

— Lead Pastor Antioch Norman