You Will Rise

May 20th is a devastating date for us now in many ways. It was the date in 2010 when this blog began because of a cancer diagnosis. 3 years later May 20th has brought unimaginable pain and devastation to a city only a few miles up the road from us. Yesterday was horrible in every way and we are thankful for our safety and the safety of all of our family. We hunkered down in our cellar while the skies darkened and all hell broke lose around us. And then-it was over and the sun was shinning again. In its wake it left a permanent scar on the landmark of our land and its people. Such has been the scars left on our life throughout our own 3 year storm. But no matter the ups and downs we have faced, even when the night has been the darkest, the sun still rose again. People always ask the same question "where was God?" I can only say where He was with us-which was weeping as we wept, guiding us moment by moment and holding us close. In the very first moment of our personal devastation I may have felt abandoned but every moment thereafter I have only felt His hand pulling me ever so close walking with me step by step. Yes, we have had many a dark moment over the last 3 years, and some moments are still on-going. Yet even in our darkest hour we have been determined to rise again-our landscape changed forever-but our best still yet to be. And so it will be with our neighbors a few miles away. You are changed forever, but you will rise again. And in your darkest moments, hold tight, because the light will pierce the darkness. That light is right around the corner-waiting to cover you as soon as the storm has passed.