Whiskers In The Bathroom

Friday night I was cleaning the bathroom when I saw whiskers on the countertop. I started screaming for Joel & he was wondering what the world was going on. You see-there use to always be whiskers all over the bathroom. I would sweep them off the floor-wipe them off the counter top-dare I say I would even get a bit annoyed by all the pesky dark little hairs all over the bathroom. Then came chemo and all of the hairs were gone. On his head, on his arms, on his face, on the floor and on the countertop. The bathroom was all of the sudden clean all of the time-too clean. What I started to long for was just a small normality like small hairs on the bathroom floor. Now they are back again and I welcome them. We are still in a weird upside down world where our weeks off of chemo felt odd. Back in the chemo ward last week felt familiar, almost safe. Our old world is what feels unfamiliar now. Funny how life works. At the start of all this all that we kept longing for was to go back to how things were. The closer that we get to that there are definitely parts that feel exciting-like hair growing back and there are parts that should feel familiar that no longer do. One things for sure-everythings changed around us and some parts might go back to how they were "pre-cancer" but we will never go back. The journey of just a year has felt like one of a thousand years & it has brought me to the place where I now not only embrace, but celebrate, whiskers in our bathroom. Someone called us back from MD Anderson on Friday only to tell us that our doctor & his entire staff took the week off for spring break. That explains why we hadn't heard back from anyone. We are hoping that we will get something settled this week. Joel has started to feel better but is still struggling a bit. This is the third week in his cycle so he should start to feel better this week. Then we start again in 1 week for more chemo. We are down to "one-hand" now as we call it as he only has 5 treatments left. To say he is ready to be done is an understatement.

Tomorrow I have another meeting with our CPA to start on our final tax form we need to get done in order to get non-profit status. We have finished all of our incorporation paperwork now we are on to the hairy stuff. It will take several meetings to finish this form but with each meeting we are one step closer which is pretty exciting!

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

We love you!

Sarah & Joel