What Giant?

"Hold fast to your confession of faith without wavering because He who has promised is faithful.-Hebrews 10:23" A few days after Joel & I received the news of his illness (I don’t like saying that “C” word!) a friend of mine brought me over a book to read. I am an avid reader but recently I have had a lot of trouble concentrating on reading. My mind is in a million different places all at once. So I have been chugging along slowly but surely through this Max Lucado book called “Facing your Giants”. In the book he basically talks about the story of David & how we can learn from David. There is a chapter in the book that caught my eye & has totally shaped how Joel & I both have responded to this tragedy we are walking through. He talks about how basically David saw this Giant standing in front of him. He was aware that the Giant was big & tall. He was aware that everyone was afraid of him. And he was most assuredly aware of his own small stature in comparison to this larger-than-life figure that stood in opposition to him. But even though David saw this huge foe in front of him-David chose to see God more than he saw the Giant that faced him. In fact he dedicates 2xs the number of scriptures in the Bible to speaking of the greatness of God than he does the threat of this Giant.

It’s not that Joel & I do not know what we are facing. It’s not that we don’t have fear or hurt or pain. We are just choosing to focus on & see our God more than we see the circumstances in front of us. Because we know that our God is greater than what we face. He is bigger than sickness & He is most definitely bigger than cancer. In life we have many choices. And I have heard it said “choose what you magnify”. You make the choice what you are going to focus on. Instead of focusing on Joel’s sickness & all of the pain that comes with that-we are going to focus on how we know an awesome God who is faithful & with us every step of the way. We are going to praise God for healing Joel-even though we haven’t seen the fullness of that yet. That is what faith is. And I can honestly tell you that Joel & I have a solid amount of faith in our God & our Gods ability to do incredible things. That is where our hope lies & that is where our focus is & will remain. That is why on this blog you haven’t seen any blogs from me talking about sadness or anger or wallowing in our grief. It’s not that we don’t have it-because we do. It’s not that we don’t have bad days-because we do. We just made the choice, from the beginning, that we wanted God glorified in our lives through this event. And we made a choice to believe in His promises to us that are in His word.

We choose to magnify our God through our pain. That’s a choice we have to make every day. And we will continue to make every day.

Guys we only need Maine & Utah then we will have all 50 states. We have 4 days before Joel’s surgery to get there. Do you know anyone in either of those states? We appreciate all of your prayers.

Also-my goal is by Friday to have a list of times up for people to sign up to pray. I guess I will just post the list on the blog & you can comment to say which time you are wanting to take. I know people have told us they pray throughout their day for us & we appreciate that!! This list will just be so we can have a concentrated amount of time so we know that we know Joel has prayers going out for him during his operation. I will post the list & when someone signs up for a time I will update the list with the persons initials so we know who has what.

Thanks friends.

We love you! Sarah & Joel

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