Valentines Day

We spent Valentines day this year in Colorado but I still wanted to make sure that I did something special for the men in my life. I had seen these prints on a graphic designers website where she customizes favorite characteristics of your loved one for you and then you go & have it framed. I thought carefully about what 21 characteristics I wanted to highlight about both my boys. For Joel I put down all of the things that made him him-funny quirks and all. For Milo I put meanings of his name, characteristics I already see forming in him & characteristics that I pray over him. The finished product was inexpensive ($20 for the print $8 for the Hobby Lobby frame) and yet so uniquely personal. I loved it so much that I will definitely use this as a gift option again in the future.Here's a screenshot of what I did for each of them so you can read it clearly. Love my boys!

*If you would like to do this yourself message me and I will send you her contact info.