Update 7-He's Out

The Doctor called and Joel is out of surgery. They said the surgery went well. They were able to remove all of what they called a "very large tumor" but unfortunately they did have to also remove the lower left lobe of his lung. BUT the good news is they got all of the tumor and they didn't see any other tumors within his lung. In order to help him keep his pain managed they are going to go ahead and keep him sedated throughout the night and he will be in ICU for the next few days.Thank you so much for your prayers friends. We have been forewarned that the recovery for this surgery can be difficult with a lot of pain. Please be praying for a quick and seamless recovery and that Joel's lungs will work even better than they did before. Thanks for checking in with us. I will get to see him in a few hours and will update more tomorrow.

Lots of love to you all.