Update 3

Hello All, Just another quick update on Joel. Chemo is going really well. He has experienced fatigue lately but that has been the worst part so far. The nausea drugs have worked really well & he has suffered very little nausea. He has kept such a great attitude through the process & been incredible to me & everyone around him. The nurses have even been saying that he is their best patient! I would expect nothing less though. He is pretty amazing that way. We will finish up with this chemo treatment tomorrow night. They will discharge us late Thursday night. Then we will come back up to our doctors office on Friday & Joel will receive his last bit of chemo at the doctors infussion center. Then we will head home on Friday evening to recoup. This will be our routine every time we do a chemo cycle. They say days 7-10 are the most difficult as far as him being tired & him having to watch being around people because his blood count will be really low. That will be Sunday-Tuesday of next week. Something that we really need prayer for is his kidney. Chemotherapy can be very hard on your kidneys & as you all know he had his left kidney removed because the cancer had taken over. They do blood work every day to keep an eye on his kidney & his levels. His levels were a little high today but we were told that is to be expected. Since he only has one remaining kidney it is crucially important that it remains strong & unaffected by the chemo drugs. So that is something that we would definitely appreciate your prayers for. Thank you!

Below we posted a link for the brochure for our golf tournament benefit that our friends are having for us. They have done a superb job at coordinating this entire thing & it is totally evident by this brochure. We are so excited for the benefit & so humbled by all of the people who will be participating in the event.

Hope everyone has a good evening. Count your blessings & be thankful for all that you have. Celebrate life & your health every day because it truly is a gift.



The Joel Rodriguez Benefit Golf Tournament.