Update 2

Well, we are now 18 hours into Joel's first round of chemo. I am very happy to report that he is doing really good. The only symptoms he has had so far is tiredness & also some issues with being hot & cold. We have been up walking up & down the halls & were able to get out of our room a bit today. I am so thankful that he has responded so well thus far & our prayer is that he continues along this path. They have told us that as each treatment progresses he will be getting more & more tired. We do not think that has to be so. Our prayer is that with each treatment he defies the odds by continuing to grow stronger. We want his case to astound everyone around us from all of the nurses to the doctors. We want greatness of our God to shine through us in every way. Whenever we first found out about this cancer we prayed that God would use us & use this situation to bring hope to others & to be a testimony of what an incredible God we serve. Some people have been asking us for an address where they can send Joel cards. That address would be:

716 Shadowlake Road

Norman, OK 73071

Also, if you are on Facebook-we have created a page called The Rodriguez Foundation. On it we will be posting news & info along with photos & other information on Joel's progress. If you are interested in joining our page the link is on the top right side of our blog page. Pass along this Facebook page if you would! The number that is on our hearts is we would love to get 5,000 people to join our page. We would love to have as many people as possible praying for Joel. We also want the word to get out about our story so people who are dealing with similar situations know that there is hope & cancer is not an automatic death sentence. In the future we hope that this foundation turns into something that we can use to be an emotional & financial support system to others going through the same situation that we have. We want to give back since so many have given to us.

Thanks so much for your prayers! More to come tomorrow.


Sarah & Joel