Update 17

It's a good day folks-the breathing tube is out! This was a huge, huge milestone for Joel to get off the vent and breathe steadily on his own and he is doing great. The feeding tube is still down his throat for another day or 2 so we won't be able to have conversations with him until then. They still have chest tubes in from the original lung surgery and they are working on removing those as well in the next day or so. At that point only his catheter will remain until he is ready to have that out. All good things. The next step is working to stay stable and to get out of the ICU. The doctors are giving us conflicting and not always positive reports about his left side. The only reason I tell you that is so that you will know how miraculous it is when he makes a full recovery on that side. We will accept nothing less than for Joel to walk out of this hospital better than he came in! He's a fighter and he can do this!!! Once he's out of ICU lots and lots of physical therapy will be in his future to work on getting that left side back. It will be 6-8 weeks before they reattach the skull so if he goes home from the hospital before that time, and we are believing he will, they will outfit him with a helmet that he will wear until the surgery. Small price to pay. I spent a few minutes asking him questions about things to see how sharp his memory was. Every single question from where he grew up to what our names are to where we go to church to what the paint color on our walls are-he wrote down the correct answer to. The only question that he got wrong was how long we have been married. That must be because time flies when you are having fun.All of this is so encouraging and we are making progress but we still have a long way to go. Joel has fought hard and he still has a lot of fight left to go. But God is a miracle working God and He is faithful. And the miracles that He has in store for Joel are just getting started.

Oh How I Need You-All Sons & Daughters

Lord I find You in the seeking Lord I find You in the doubt And to know You is to love You And to know so little else I need You Oh how I need You

Lord I find You in the morning Lord I seek You everyday Let my life be for Your glory Woven in your threads of grace I need You Oh how I need You

Light glorious light I will go where You shine Break the dawn, crack the skies Make the wave right before me In Your light I will find All I need, all I need is You

Oh how I need You