The first thing our RN told us last night was "you don't get any sleep in hospitals-just short naps". Boy was he right. We had people in our room on the hour every hour last night. We are both exhausted today. A couple of updates for now:

-They are very concerned about Joel's blood pressure. When we first checked in it was 173/130. They have worked all night at getting it down-& have now assigned Joel a Dr that has come by several times & is overseeing all of this. They have him on IV medicine for it & are about to up the dosage. We knew that it wasn't good that his blood pressure was high but I guess we didn't know it was something they would have to so closely monitor. They told us today that they will not do the surgery until they can get his blood pressure stabilized. So this is something we need immediate prayer for. They are also planning on doing an ultra-sound on Joel soon. We have thought all along that it was the cancer that was causing the raise in blood pressure but I guess they are wanting the ultra-sound just to be certain. They are also doing blood-work, urine analysis etc.

-Joel had a chest X-Ray last night & they still do not see anything in the chest which is good. This confirms what was on the CT scan last week as far as no spreading to that area.

-Joel had his MRI this morning to check for spreading to the pancreas, spleen, & heart artery. We are waiting to hear back on that. We will get preliminary results later today hopefully.

-We still do not know a surgery date. As soon as they read his MRI results they will be able to speak with all of the other Dr's necessary for his surgery & we should know a date soon.

Thanks so much for your prayers & warm comments. Please keep praying for good MRI results this afternoon as well as an immediate surgery date. I will update later with the news on the MRI.

Lots of Love,


PS-I took the attached picture at the Dr's office yesterday. It is for all of you visual people out there who are like me. The picture shows the inside of the urinary tract. If you look to the kidney on your right-that is the side of Joel where the cancer is. His is the size of a football & has completely engulfed the kidney on his left side.  As you can see there are a lot of intricate veins surrounding that area. We are praying that it is contained to just that area of the kidney & nowhere else.

Also-for fun-here is a picture of Joel passing time at the hospital on his IPhone.