My husband loved watches. In the last couple years of his life he obtained quite the collection. I kept most of them to give to my son but I carefully picked out 4 of them and gave one to each of his closest guy friends from New York. They took the picture below on the day of his funeral with each of their new watches. I thought it was the perfect thing for them to remember him by because he loved his watches so much. I also thought it'd be a reminder to each of them the value of time. Not time in a conventional sense but time in the fact of how little of it we each have. Do you remember as a child how slowly time used to take to pass? Do you remember when your birthday or Christmas was mere months away, you were so excited for it to get here, yet it seemed to take FOREVER for it to come? I feel like my childhood and teen years are all very defined slow moving memories but from my twenties on my life has unfolded at warp speed. The last decade of my life has gone by so quickly that it's hard to even accurately recall every memory that I would like to remember. My Dad recently turned 60 and he was telling me when you get to that age you really start to realize just how short life is and how quickly it goes by. Last week I looked through my sock drawer moving things around until I got to the very bottom and found what I was looking for. It was a Christmas gift that I got for Christmas a year ago, a beautiful watch. I got it and it was too big so I had planned to get it sized down but with the insanity my life became in the past year, I never got around to it. I dusted it off, took it to a jeweler and got it sized correctly with a brand new battery placed inside. I tried to remember my son a year ago when I received this gift. He was a tiny little baby, not able to do anything but just lay there. Now, a full year later, he's a walking talking little person full of personality, opinions and the like. A lot can happen I'm a year, a lot can change in a year. A lot can also change in a day, or even in a moment.

I think back on special trips that Joel and I had planned where I would want time to pass quickly so we could get to where we wanted to be. How foolish I was to not enjoy each day that I had with my husband. If I had it to do again every day, every minute, every second would be cherished. I know we can't possibly live our lives cherishing every moment of our day, but we can certainly cherish each day. We can stop wishing away our today because we are so ready to get to our tomorrow.

So now I have a shiny, pretty, new watch adorning my left wrist. Every time I look at it I will view it as more than a watch, I will see it as a reminder of time. I will use it to remind myself that not a moment of it is guaranteed, to cherish my time with those I love and to not ever take one second of it for granted.