This Very Moment

The crowed roared in approval as her name was called. She made her way to the front slowly, as if fully savoring each step. When she took the stage the lights flickered off her gorgeous gown, creating beams that bounced wildly around the large auditorium. She was radiant with beauty. Her face was glowing. She stood before the crowd trying in vain to hold back her tears. As the crowds applause lingered on she bowed her head and placed her hand over her heart. She was taking in the moment. What a moment it was.

For not long ago...

Her days and her nights both blended together into one endless nightmare She was dirty. She was overlooked. She was used. She was abused. She was lost. She was without hope. As one sold into sex trafficking the future ahead of her was stark. With each day her hope faded. She must have often wondered what was to become of her?

But yet here she was now.

On a stage in Atlanta accepting an award for the non-profit she had created. It is one that rescues young women from the very thing that held her bound for many years. She is reaching them one by one pulling them out of darkness. She is fighting that which held her captive for too long. She is setting others free. And now she was being honored for the hero she has become. As I sat in the crowd I too marveled at her story, her bravery, and her beauty.

Then it struck me.

God doesn't only make beauty from our ashes, He sees the beauty to come, while we are still in the midst of our ashes.

While this woman was still enslaved God saw the freedom that was to be. While she was broken God saw the moment she would be made whole. And when she felt like no one could possibly see her, God saw this moment.

The moment where everyone would see her.

He sees where we are but He knows where we'll be.

He knows where we are coming from just as He knows what He has in store for us.

In our deepest loss-He is restoring us. In our most damaged-He is repairing us. He sees what is broken, what is lost and what has been stolen. He also sees the moment where the tears will be wiped away replaced with awe and wonder at what He has done.

The tears were now filling my eyes as I watched her accept her award. It felt like a holy moment. One I was so honored to witness. For when all she could see was the bleakness of her future God, in His mightiness, always saw what she had ahead of her.

He saw this very moment.

The moment the applause went on and on for a woman, and a life of beauty, beyond compare.