This & That

Once again it has been far too long since I have posted. Pregnancy sounds like an excuse but I have been so tired I tend to come home from work and go to bed not long after. I thought that the tiredness was more in your first trimester but for me it has been full blown in my second. One pregnancy update is that we found out the gender of our baby and we are having a boy! I would've been fine with either and I really mean that-but I have always just seen myself as the mother of boys. I can do sports and bugs and dirt and high energy. It's hair do's and Barbies and ballet and sensitive feelings that freak me out! I am not saying that it wouldn't be a blessing one day to have a little girl but I think a boy is good for my first one to get my feet wet. We are very excited. I am currently 21 weeks and the belly is a-growin'. Sorry though-no "bump" pics. It just feels weird to me to take pics of my ever expanding belly. Trust me it's big :) Last weekend Joel and I made a weekend trip to Dallas. We always enjoy going to Dallas mainly to eat and shop. This time didn't disappoint. We had cupcakes at our favorite place in Dallas-Society Bakery. If you are ever in Dallas you must check them out.


One day we spent a half day at the spa. We both got foot treatments, facials, and massages. It was a really nice time to be together and relax. I think my favorite part was actually the facial. This was my first time to get one and I really enjoyed it.

A huge reason we went to Dallas was to do some shopping for the new house and as you can see Ikea didn't disappoint!

I love Ikea. I so wish they had one in OKC-well........maybe not.

Speaking of the house it is coming right along.


They actually finished up the roof this week and are close to moving to the inside part of the house. As of now we are still on schedule to finish the first week of May. I am hoping that stays the case as that'll leave us about 6 weeks before my due date. A little tight of a deadline but I am just trying to roll with it.

Joel is doing really good health wise. His next test is not until May and we have really enjoyed the time off from tests. This time they let us go 4 months versus the normal 3. We believe that he was healed the day of the surgery and we believe that he will continue to walk out that healing every day for the rest of his long life. Not a day goes by that we don't marvel at how blessed we are in this new season especially. All of the bitter certainly makes the sweet all the more sweeter.

Hope all is well! Love you guys.