This and That

This is going to be a hodge podge post of what we have been up to since it's been awhile since my last post. First up was my sisters birthday!

Every family has some kind of cake tradition and our families is cookie cakes. We have all had these same type of cakes since we were little kids and we all love them.

It's hard to believe my little sister is 19 now. She has always been my little baby and now she's turning into a full on adult and coming into her own. It makes me feel......old-ha ha. She's always been such a great kiddo and I'm so proud of her.

Here's a picture of myself, Joel, and my brother and sister.

I got to spend some extra time with my sister on her birthday weekend watching Breaking Dawn. It is kind of our tradition to go see all the Twilight movies together and we have only one more left to go.

Thanksgiving was wonderful as it always is. Joel and I both had a pretty bad cold and had a hard time tasting our food. But that's not what it's about. This time last year Joel was just a few months into chemo and sick in an entirely afferent way. This year it was just amazing to me to think of how far we've come since then. Speaking of that-Joel is having his port removed this Tuesday. If you don't remember, his port is the line that he has in his chest that they would access to administer his chemo. He has had it in for over a year now. After you have your last chemo treatment they consider it "bad luck" to remove the port before it has been 6 months. While we aren't superstitious people we asked our doctor what his thoughts were on it and he said to just wait out the 6 month period, which we did, so he will now have an out patient surgery on Tuesday to get it out. Joel is so excited  to have it removed and I am excited for him. It will be so weird to see him without it as I am used to seeing his little port bump on his chest.

Lastly, we sold our house. Yay! We close the very start of the new year. We are building a house which we have yet to start on. We went on Friday to pick out all the fixtures and that went well. Joel were on the same page with everything which made me happy. So we are currently trying to figure out where we are going to live until our house is  finished in May but more than likely it'll be a rent house. If anyone knows of any places in Norman that offer a month to month lease let me know.

So thankful for all our many blessing and the place that we are at in life. We are so blessed and God is so good.

We love you guys! Sarah