The Wonderful World of Out-Patient

I have been getting texts & calls about chemo details & I realized I left you guys hangin’ on it! Sorry about that. I feel like we have been running around like crazy since we got back from Houston-probably because we have-ha ha. We got all of the details worked out with OU Med Center & they are going to be able to administer Joel’s chemo out-patient! Yeah!! We did his first round this week & it went wonderfully. It was amazing how much easier it was on us to do it out-patient. It is different because you are in a room full of other patients so there is no privacy. But the nurses in the infusion center do this kind of thing all day long so they are on top of things & gave Joel excellent care. We did get a lot of one-on-one interaction with some of the cancer patients. Hearing their stories & seeing the wide array of people that walk through the doors will break your heart. I feel about this journey the same way that I felt when I went to Bolivia on a mission trip at the age of 16. You are opened up to a whole world that you never knew existed. Once you encounter it you come away changed & your life will never be the same again. It has wrecked us in every way possible but in some ways very beautifully. I have a blog planned for that subject later!As we left the hospital we felt so blessed that we were able to get a break & do it this way instead of a week in-patient. We are praying that if Joel’s next testing in 6 weeks comes back ok they will let us keep it this way. So in your prayers for us that is a big request. Since they gave all of the chemo to Joel quickly instead of slowly over 3 days it has been more difficult on him. All of his symptoms that he had the first 2 times-he has this time but they are MUCH more pronounced. He is relieved to be resting at his own house and we are praying for a quick recovery. I cannot imagine how it has been for Joel throughout all of this. He builds himself up to be broken down over & over again. I know it is difficult on him. I also know that I have never been more proud of my husband. I wholly believe that it is in the difficult circumstances where our true character is brought to the surface. Through all of this Joel has stayed positive, he has been kind to me, kind to every medical person he has encountered & handled things way better than I probably have. He is good to the core. I always knew that but it is even more evident to me now. I am so inspired by him & blessed to be his wife. Lots of other happenings for the Rodriguez’s. On Saturday one of Joel’s life-long best friends from New York is flying in to spend a week & a half with us! He was my old room-mate when I lived in New York & it is actually because of him that Joel & I met. We owe him big time :) We love Simon & are both so excited to see him. I am so glad that Joel will have a buddy to hang out with while he is cooped up at home getting ready for the next round. This Saturday morning bright & early I am running in Race for the Cure. It is an excellent cause that I am so happy to contribute to. I met 100% of my fundraising goal of $150.00 but I would love to raise more. If you are interested in supporting me you can click on the link below!

XO, Sarah