The Superhero

Last night my son and I were watching cartoons together.A little boy appeared on the screen and was pretending to be a super hero, cape and all. Milo hopped right up and began imitating the super hero boy. He ran around and around the living room in circles yelling "super, super, SUPER!!"

I had an idea. I told him to come with me to the linen closet. There, on the very back shelf, I pulled out a pillow case. I bent down to his level and tied the pillow case around his shoulders.

Every superhero needs a cape.

He understood immediately what I was doing. His eyes lit up like I have never seen before. It was now official-He was a REAL superhero. The rest of the evening he ran around the house proclaiming how "super" he was. When I later found a better cape in his closet, he put that one on for awhile. But then he preferred to return to his original pillowcase cape. He kept it on the entire night.

As we grow and become adults, we lose the simple thrills that marked us as a child. For me it was playing "house" in my yard with a box and a sheet. It was getting a gang of friends and jumping on the hay bales in the field next door. It was getting to lick a white sugar stick and dipping it in a pile of even more sugar, then laughing as it made our mouths turn blue.

The more "adult" you become the more complicated life becomes. That's why raising a child is so magical. And such a blessing. He reminds me to laugh. He reminds me to explore. He reminds me to be thankful for the smallest of things. And he reminds me of the purest joy that can come from a simple pillow case tied around your shoulders.



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