The Shelter

Pictures just don't do it justice. Truly. Ever since May 20th all I had been wanting to do was go down to Moore to help people. Going to work every day and sitting at my desk I just felt such a pull to be there. I finally got my chance on Friday night to go with a team from my church. We helped clean, walked around and gathered information about people's needs and prayed with them. It was such an amazing experience and I found myself feeling so humbled to be with these people in a moment of such pain. I knew there was so little that we could do but the little that we did they were so grateful for. A big need seemed to be cold water so on Sunday Joel and I loaded up our car full of coolers and drove around passing them out to the people trying to salvage what little they could from their homes. I have never really been a "things" person and I don't develop attachments to objects. I regularly like to go through my home and closets and purge and just get rid of things. But after seeing people up close that have lost literally everything they had-I just could not even imagine how devastating that would be.One home ministered to me the most. We walked around the corner and saw what was written on their garage and it took my breath away. What a reminder for us all in whom we put our hope in and who is our constant refuge from every storm. So blessed to have that reminder and so blessed to live where I live. Oklahoma-there is no one like you.