The Range

I've spoken before about moments of new experiences that I am having in this new part of my life journey. I have coined the phrase for these experiences "good hard" because even when I have really wonderful experiences they're always hard. I had another one of those on Saturday. I've mentioned before how into guns Joel was the last year of his life and one of his favorite things was going to shoot at the shooting range. He would mainly do this as a male bonding thing with his buddies so I never came along. He was always telling me that he wanted me to learn to shoot and wanted me to come to the range with him, I just always had other things going on. We actually even talked about it the night before his surgery and decided that once he was better I would go with him. Side note friends, don't ever put off the things you want to do in life especially with your loved ones. We know that we are never promised the luxury of time. Now looking back I wish that I would've been able to have had the shooting range experience with my husband. I kept thinking throughout the day how much fun he would have been having and how proud of me he would've been. Apparently, and I have no idea how this happened, but I have a pretty decent shot. I would have loved to have seen the look on Joel's face when his wife put several bullets right to the heart of my target. He would have raised his eyebrows really high and gotten the biggest smile on his face. I'm so thankful to Joel's good friend Jess and his lovely wife Sara who came and took me to the range. I had such a good time with these two. It's because of Jess that Joel had a hobby that he enjoyed so much and Jess was such an excellent teacher to us girls. As I have these experiences they are definitely bitter-sweet and I have prepared myself for events to feel this way for the rest of my life. I know that all of them won't but a significant portion of them will and I'm ok with that. To me it means that Joel's presence is real even in the pain and that's just fine with me. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our day. The first one is of Joel doing what he loved and the rest are from this weekend.