The Rainbow & The Promise

Joel is making some progress in rehab but it's very slow moving. He's working hard though. We are still hoping for more progress on his left side especially in his arm and with his eyesight. Next week they are going to try to get him into the pool for a therapy session. He is really excited about that. I will also be joining him soon for a therapy session so I am excited to see his progress. I know he's done a lot because by the time I get there in the evenings he is totally wiped out from his day. He is a fighter that one. As you all know we spent Father's Day in the hospital. It was a really difficult day and by the time we got home at night I was pretty exhausted and bummed out. All I kept thinking about were moments that kept getting stolen from us and having to celebrate them at the hospital just wasn't the same. But then I looked out in my backyard and saw this:


A rainbow is God's promise to restore what was devastated and here He had placed a double rainbow in our backyard over our home. It was a sweet moment that spoke to my heart to just tell me to keep moving forward and holding on to His promises. His very best for this family is yet to be. After the storm is over and the clouds fade there is beauty-you just sometimes have to wait it out a bit. We are right in the thick of the dark cloudy gray but I believe a thing of beauty is yet to be in our lives.

Psalm 126:5

Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting. (New American Standard Bible)