The Race

January 1, 2010. Normally I am not one for New Years resolutions. I always have good intentions but I normally end up breaking them or even forgetting about them all together. For some reason this year was different. I decided that 2010 was going to be the year of doing the impossible. I started to think about the things that I had always wanted to do but was scared to tackle for whatever reason. I have been an athlete almost my entire life. Softball, Soccer, Basketball & even a 1 year stint at cheerleading (I am a bit embarrassed by that revelation). The one part of practice that I always loathed-running. Now as an adult I love going to the gym. I am one of those people who get cranky if I don't go. Normally for my cardio I will do the elliptical which is in the row right behind the treadmills. I would always wistfully watch the runners as they glided on their treadmills. I always thought "I could never do that". I have asthma & bad ankles from too many basketball injuries. I told myself every excuse. But mostly I just told myself that I could never do it. After awhile you start to believe what you tell yourself.

One day I looked up at the treadmill in front of me & was shocked to husband! There he was floating across that treadmill like a gazelle. I couldn't believe my eyes. Me being me in all of my competitive nature-what did I do? Well I hopped on a treadmill! If he could do it I could too! Not only that I upped the ante by suggesting that we run the OKC Memorial Half-Marathon in April. 13.1 miles. I couldn't even run to the end of my block. We started to train together. Pushing each other when the other was down, icing our ankles together in front of the TV, enjoying our misery together. We were runners-& we were going to do this. Together. The day of the half-marathon came. It was one of the most challenging events of my life. I pushed myself physically, mentally, & emotionally in ways that I never thought I was capable of. But we finished the race. Together.

I was talking to my friend Alisha the other day & she was telling me that this illness was just like the race. She encouraged me that Joel & I have already trained together & raced together & we finished that race. She told me that we would finish this one too. I realized that she was right. At the beginning of our training we didn't think we could do it. There were days when we wanted to quit. During the race there were times I wanted to give up-but I pushed forward. I look at this battle we are facing in the same light. I know we will have difficult days. I know that it will test us in ways that we have never been tested before. It already has. But I know that we will finish this race. Together. And in the end we will realize we are much stronger than we ever gave ourself credit for.

And 2010 has now become the year of the more ways than one. And PS-yes my husband did run that race-5 weeks ago-with this large tumor in his body, unbeknownst to us! He is pretty amazing.


Sarah & Joel