The Oklahoman

Yesterday my little family was on the front page of the largest newspaper in our home state of Oklahoma. Crazy. It's an odd day when you get texts from your friends of large stands, and stacks of papers with your picture on the front. Of course there were also the silly pictures of them reading the newspaper to go along with it. Honestly it was just a humbling day. The reporter who covered our story was Jenni Carlson. She did an excellent job capturing the story of our family as well as the spirit of our journey. It talks about my husband and it also talks about my daughter. Reading it over my first thought was, wow our family has really been through the ringer. My other thought was I'm so proud of each member of my family and how we've all reacted, fought through and loved each other well from my husband to even my son. My overriding thought though was how thankful I was to see the goodness of the Lord on display. We didn't go into this story with any agenda other than to tell our story authentically. In that authenticity is our belief in the power of God and His very real way of bringing hope to hopeless situations. I pray that hopefulness shined through every word.

For all of you out of state/country readers who did not get to see the article you can click HERE to read it. We would love for you to share it and we'd also love to hear your feedback in the comments below!