The New House

Tiles. The other day I spent a big part of my afternoon helping to pick out tiles and carpets and wood stain colors. Wait. Let me back up. This story actually started out a couple of years ago. My Mom had mentioned that after 22 years in the same home she was ready to possibly make a change and for her and my Dad to sell their home. I had mixed emotions about this. A big part of me was sad. I remember sleepovers at my house. I remember hours spent shooting hoops on the basketball goal in the front yard. And late at night I remember laying in bed staring at my bedroom ceiling with little glow in the dark stars posted above me. Birthdays, graduations, youth group functions, you name it we celebrated it in that home. Life had been good to us there. But yet, the house was way bigger than the two of them needed and I understood the desire to downsize and to start fresh somewhere new. It was around that time that Joel and I put money down on a lot and started to build our new home. There were plenty of home lots available and Joel would try his best to pursued my parents, every chance he got, they should move to our neighborhood. Time wore on and all of the better lots eventually sold out. My parents, not wanting to settle on just any location, decided to continue their search elsewhere. Maybe they could buy something within a few mile radius of us. Life got busy, Joel and I moved into our home, had a baby, and started chemo in that stupid order (I hate cancer). My parents both started new jobs and were helping us out as they could and their home search went on the back burner. Fast forward to the week of Joel's funeral. I happened to stop by the front office of our neighborhood to ask them a question. They were asking me about how I was doing and if my parents were helping me. I told them yes and I only wish the home lot that they wanted wasn't sold out so they could move closer to me and my son. That's when they told me some surprising news. One of the lots just so happened to have had a contract fall through on it and was available for purchase. Once my parents found that out it didn't take long for them to immediately go purchase the lot. That left one small detail, for them to sell their home. Homes in their neighborhood don't go on the market often. It's an incredible neighborhood and location. Once people move there, they stay there. That makes it slightly difficult to determine the sales price of your home. We knew that there was a certain price that they needed to get and we knew that God would need to make it work out. They put their home on the market on a Monday. By that Thursday they had it sold with a full price offer. Pretty incredible.

I can't help but see the fingerprints of God all over this situation. He knew that Milo and I needed help and that we needed people who love us nearby. My son will now see his grandparents every day because they are just down the street. There's also another part of me that sees Joel's fingerprints on this as well. He got what he wanted, which was to have family close by. He made sure that Milo and I were surrounded and taken care of. That was my husband through and through.

Which brings me to tiles. We worked together and finalized all of the finishings for their new home. I'm so excited for them and for their new beginning. I'm also sad to say goodbye to a place that has been such a huge part of my world. But I've found that's life. You look back fondly on what was while also looking ahead with anticipation for what's to be. New home, new life, new joy and new memories. A farewell and a hello-all at the same time.