The Moon

Last week the big talk was all about the Blood Moons. For those of you who weren't aware a Blood Moon is an eclipse of the Moon. At the end of the eclipse the moon becomes an eerie red color, thus the reason it's equated to blood.The Blood Moons are an interesting phenomenon that do not happen every day. Naturally, many people wanted to see this sight in person and stayed up until 2:00 am to have their chance. It seemed to be quite the event. After it was over many were talking about it, posting pictures and the like. Since my alarm goes off at 5:00 am I was in bed enjoying my last 3 hours of sleep when the event occurred. However, on my morning drive to work it's still dark and the huge moon was still in the sky. As I drove I looked up at the moon in its current, normal form, it was hard to believe just a few hours prior people were gawking at the same moon and its impressive red color. A few hours can change everything.

The interesting thing is the moon itself never really changed. What changed was the events happening around the moon. Because of the way everything lined up just so it caused the moon to project an impressive display. But, nothing about the moon changed. It stayed the same constant presence it has always been.

As we walk through life there are times when you feel Gods goodness so completely. There are other times where it feels as if He is nowhere to be found. When my son was born I've never felt more blessed and favored by God. When my husband passed away I've never felt more alone. How can we feel such contrasting feelings about the same person? So loved at one moment and so abandoned the next?

The reason is because feelings betray us. Feelings aren't truth.

The truth is, God is just like the moon. He longs to be a steady, faithful presence in our lives. The bible calls Him unchanging. He is unrelenting in His love for us. No, it doesn't always feel that way at times. That doesn't mean it's not true. When circumstances unfold, just like the eclipse, it can make God seem as if He has changed His "color", like He no longer hears, or no longer cares.

For I the Lord do not change; Malachi 3:6

Circumstances don't dictate who our God is, what He has done or what He will do.

I have felt the pain of an eclipse in my life. Where everything seemed to go dark. And all that used to make sense no longer did. I had to question everything I ever thought I knew about who He was. And question I did. You know what my conclusion was?

He is constant. He is good. He never fails. This is coming from one who lost her entire life as it was. The ruins were great, but so was His faithfulness.

O Lord God of hosts, who is mighty as You are, O LORD, with Your faithfulness all around You? Psalm 89:8

Too many people give up on Him in the midst of the eclipse. They think because an eclipse has occurred an eclipse will always be. Nothing could be farther of the truth. An eclipse is an event that briefly changes how the moon appears to those of us who are viewing it, but it didn't change the moon.

It is the same moon it has always been.

Steady. Constant. And if you hold on through the eclipse you will see the same moon that forever will be. The one brightest light in the midst of our darkened night.

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