The Journey

Journey-A passage or progress from one stage to another.   

The very first name for this blog used to be Joel and Sarah's journey. Somehow, when we picked out that name we both seemed to realize our days are not about the destination, but the journey.

In life you see good things and you see bad. If you're fortunate, the good you experience will far outweigh the bad.


In my case there's been a lot of bad, there's been a lot of hard, but there's also been an overwhelming sense of good through it all.

Beauty from ashes.

If there's an overlying theme for this blog, that is what I want it to be.


For all of you new readers this blog is about life, our life.

Some of my blogs are simple updates on our families journey. Other blogs are inspirational in nature, about what I am learning from the journey.

I know my life is so unlike anyone else's. The events have left even me in awe at times.

At the end of the day I always hope to inspire and uplift. Because honestly, who wants to take time from their day to read anything else?


I have been so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing community of readers who respond and offer much encouragement themselves. They have wept for my family, prayed for us in our darkest times and rejoiced in our triumphs. Thank you, to each of you.


Today is a simple update blog.

It's hard to believe we have been home almost 3 months and Miss Ellis will be 4 months old next week. She is incredible. She is the strongest girl I know, literally. And I am not only talking about her fortitude, we joke that Ellis could beat most of us up. When she doesn't want to do something she lets you know. The girl will push things away with such strength, I forget she's just a tiny little baby. She's a feisty one and I love it. God put that resolve in her because He knew she'd need it.


She continues to advance all the time. No going backwards for her. There's always something new. Lately it's been grinning and cooing. The girl loves the sound of her own voice and we love to hear her display it. She's also obsessed with her big brother. When he is around she is the most smiley. Thank goodness he's just as smitten.


We continue to work with her on normal things a baby should be able to do. She's catching on little by little. I'm starting to relax and not be as obsessed with every milestone. I kind of view Ellis like a premie baby. Is she exactly where a 3 month old normally is? No. But she also lost a month of her life in a hospital and is overcoming a traumatic event.


Overcome she does. I'm so thankful to see her progressing forward. And I truly believe, that in the end, she will end up right where she needs to be. She gives us no reason to believe otherwise. It might not be right on schedule, but like those preemie babies, she is determined and I know we will eventually see her catch up.


We start another round of doctors appointments next week, so please keep us in your prayers. They're not scary anyone. Only a hassle.


Milo is doing well. Our first few weeks home from the hospital were a bit of a challenge. He had to adjust to not having his Mom and sister home for 3 weeks. Although I saw him some, it was not nearly enough. Once we got home he was stuck like glue to my side. I tried to remedy it by not leaving and giving him all the extra love and cuddles he needed. Little by little he's started to relax and understand that we're home for good. He does get upset on days I have to take Ellis to the doctor, but coming home with a treat for him helps to lessen the anxiety.

I may blog a lot about Ellis, but in our house Milo is pretty much the star of the show. By that I mean he's always the entertainment around here. He keeps things light, joyful, and is constantly cracking up his sister and I.


My kids are growing at an insane pace. Like most Moms I wish I could freeze time. Ellis is chunking up and gaining those adorable baby rolls while Milo is thinning out and looking less and less like a baby.

What a blessing these two are to me. God has given me much, but my little family is by far my greatest gift.