The Interview

In the last nine months I have done seven different local/national news interviews about our story, but never on camera, until now.  To be honest it's a vulnerable position to be in, to hand over your life story for someone else to tell. I always worry if they'll get the details right, but most importantly I want the true heart of our message to shine through. 

Hopefulness. It's always about hopefulness. 

I believe our news story with KFOR portraid just that. Linda and her staff were so patient and kind to our family, ever encouraging in the way they worked with us for this piece. 

I will always tell our story because it brings redemption to it. While in no way making up for what we lost, it does ensure none of what we walked through was in vain. At the end of the day if the Lord was honored, along with my husbands life, I can put my head on my pillow and know I did my job.

Stories have power when we are not afraid to tell them openly and vulnerably. I will always be willing to lay my heart bare in hopes that others can be mended through our journey. I hope you feel that coming through in my words. 

Stories also have power when we share them with others. So please, feel free to do so with this interview. I hope you enjoy it. 

To view the interview, click HERE

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