The Fair

I love photo's. I have them all over my home and I love to have new photo's taken. Our family normally gets new family photo's at least once a year and we get photo's taken of Milo several times a year. I feel like you can never have too many of them. That has been amplified after losing Joel and each photo became so, so precious to us. I am blessed to have many amazing people in my life with differing gifts and talents, including photography, that they so freely share with us. I have posted several of their photo's and links on this blog. I had mentioned to my friend Michelle that one of these days I would love to go have a fun time with Milo at a carnival and take pics. There just so happened to be one coming to town a few weeks later so we decided to go. We weren't trying to do anything fancy, just capture a fun moment. It turned out to be really hot and Milo was totally distracted by all of the action around him, not really the fun moment we were envisioning. But Michelle is such a talented photographer that when we got the photo's you couldn't tell that it was that way at all. I will say that it is also hard to see these photo's and know that from now on this is my new family. It is difficult to imagine that Joel will never be in another family picture with us. But just to show that he is never forgotten-there is a hint of him in these pictures. If you look really closely on my right thumb I am wearing his wedding ring. No matter how many steps we take forward we take him with us. Always.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your amazing talents with our family. Love you girl.

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