The Dentist

Sometimes you never think about the value of something until an emergency brings it into focus.2 days ago I was sitting at my desk finishing up a snack and popping in a breath mint when all of the sudden I heard and felt a crack. I instinctively knew one of my worst fears was confirmed and something had just happened with my teeth. As I surveyed the damage I realized one of my bottom teeth had indeed cracked in two. I was panicked and placed a frantic call to my dentist who fit me right in. One moment I'm sitting at my desk chomping on a breath mint and the next I'm sitting in a dentist chair with gauze stuck in my mouth and bright lights shinning down on my face. It was amazing how rapidly it all unfolded. Teeth. You never really think about teeth. They sit in your mouth and serve their purpose, to help you chew and look pretty and pearly. But besides maintaining them with a toothbrush how often do we really think of them? I know in the midst of my day rarely do I care or think about my teeth. Until I get a massive tooth ache. Or until I have cold sensitivity. Or until I hear a giant crack I shouldn't be hearing. Then I go into emergency, panic mode that something is wrong and it must be fixed immediately. Until then my teeth are just kind of there, going largely unnoticed or appreciated. How many times do we treat God this way? We go about our day to day routines and He is in the background of our lives, serving His purpose, yet going largely unnoticed. Then a crisis happens and suddenly He's at the forefront of our thoughts. Even though we've constantly ignored Him, we suddenly want Him to swoop in and save the day. The amazing thing about Him is He still will. All He says is come to Him. Acknowledge you need Him and He comes to our rescue. Time and time again. This is the way He loves us.

"I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; Psalm 17:6"

I don't want Him to just rescue me. I want Him to walk with me. I want to need Him like I need my every breath. Not when something goes wrong. But when everything is right. I want to always be aware of Him. My love for Him. My need for Him.