The Dance

On Friday, July 2nd, Joel & I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We were suppose to be in Puerto Rico on that day. Life surprises changed that. Throughout the week I thought about that several times. I thought that it would be a hard week. It wasn't. Turns out there isn't anywhere else I would rather be than where we were that night. We celebrated low-key with a dinner. When we were done I had surprised Joel by renting us a night at the Waterford, which is the hotel we stayed in the night we got married. Since Joel still tires very easily there weren't many things that we could do to celebrate. Yet, I wanted to do something special because it was a big anniversary. In the end I thought the hotel would be nice for nostalgia sake, & for the fact that Joel could just stay in the room & rest. I was also hoping that it would feel like a little 1 night mini-vacation. Once we got there & checked in we went up to the room. We had dessert & settled in for a night of TV. I had brought the song that we danced to the day of our wedding "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. I muted the television & turned on the song. I grabbed his hand & asked him to dance. We only got through about 30 seconds of the song before Joel was tired from having to stand up straight & we gave up on the dance. 30 seconds was enough to have a million thoughts go through my head & thousands of memories over the last 5 years passing through as well. When I pulled away from him tears of thankfulness were streaming down my face.

In the past I would have been upset that my wonderful idea & perfect moment was ruined. Now, I was just so thankful for every second that we had to even dance together. I'm learning that for me life isn't about perfect moments & beach side vacations. It is not about everything going according to my perfect plan. For us it is about appreciating where we are & how far we have come. It is about celebrating the 5 years that we have spent together in whatever small way we can. It is the hope & prayer that we have many many years together to enjoy anniversaries together. It is about not always wishing to be somewhere else but learning to be content in where we are.

And about taking time to just enjoy the dance.