The Babies Birthday

When my son had his first birthday a few weeks ago we had to celebrate it at the rehab facility where my husband was at the time. It was a day where we tried very hard to celebrate but in many ways it was very difficult. No one wanted to be celebrating in the way that we had to. The funny thing is that in light of where we are now, man, what I wouldn't give to go back to just being at the rehab center. I knew at the time that it was a victory to get there but I didn't honor that victory enough because I was frustrated that we didn't have the final victory of where we really wanted to end up. Lesson learned. Celebrate every victory no matter how small it may seem.

We have an awesome woman at our church who is a photographer and she wanted to bless our family with photos of our rehab journey and also Milo's party. I went back and forth on if I wanted to do it but I finally decided that I did. I am so very thankful that I did. When I first saw these photos I wept. And I believe that one day when we view these photos we will weep at how far God has brought us since then.

Here are my favorites from her photos. Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers and for celebrating every victory that God has given-and will continue to give to us.

Thank you Deisy :)