The Author

So thankful to all of you and your well wishes regarding the news I shared. There is something I've thought about many times since receiving the news I was pregnant.

I remembered the frustration I felt of the diagnosis of "unexplained infertility". There was no technical reason we should not have been able to conceive, yet we couldn't.

I thought about those years of infertility and what a nightmare it was.

I remembered days of pregnancy tests that were negative.

I remembered attending baby showers for others and feeling the sting of pain

I remembered the tears I would shed each month when my hopes would be dashed.

But yet every moment of that pain brought me to this moment of joy.

For if we hadn't walked through infertility, the blessing of this baby wouldn't even have been an option.

I've shared this quote before but will share it again:

Maybe the scene of your greatest disappointment could be the setting for your most powerful miracle. -Steven Furtick

The "scene" of infertility was definitely ones of life's greatest disappointments for my husband and I both.

Yet God took every bit of that pain, collected every tear, and He turned it into this-the most powerful of miracles.

I could've never known what I was walking through then would transform what I'm walking through now.

The tears I sowed then is the joy I'm reaping now.

That is the way God works. He never, ever, ever wastes our pain.


Of course it is no replacement for what I've lost. But I trust in His plan and I trust in His promises.

I'm watching them unfold before my very own eyes.

What an amazing author He is.

So thankful we can trust Him with our stories. He writes them far better than I ever could.


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