The Anniversary

"Your hope dangling by a stringI'll share in your suffering to make you well, to make you well."

Well it wasn't the way we had ever planned or hoped it would be, but our anniversary was still a special day. I've talked before about moments that we can't ever get back but there's also moments that you have to press forward and continue to celebrate no matter where you are celebrating them. My day started by walking into work and seeing flowers and a gift card from my sweet friend Stephanie. She knew my hubby wouldn't be able to bless me with flowers so she did instead. It was a perfect way to start the day. Then when I got to the hospital and there was a huge flower arrangement from some of our best friends The Wustenfelds. The bouquet was even filled with all of the flowers that we had on our wedding day-so, so sweet. Then when dinner time rolled around my parents blew us away. They booked a conference room at the hospital and set up an anniversary dinner for us with candles, (faux) wine, roses, saxophone music-you name it! My husband and I are vegans so they had a huge vegan spread for dinner for us and we finished it off with coconut ice cream and vegan cupcakes. After I left the hospital coming home alone on my anniversary was kinda sad. But when I got home someone had anonymously (let me know if you want to identify yourself!) left a small plant with a sweet note on it to have a good day. My amazing friends Ashley and Lauren had dropped off some gorgeous flowers, more coconut ice cream (can you tell I love that stuff?) and a chick flick. I mean, I couldn't even tell you how loved and supported we felt that day. Those people in our life who love us knew how hard of a day it would be and they completely surrounded us and worked so hard to make us feel blessed and loved and trust me we did! Thank you so much to all of those of you who helped make our day what it was. This isn't the first anniversary we have spent in the throws of health battles and it's never fun to have to celebrate that way. But I am thankful that I still have my husband and I am thankful for yet another year together. And as I continue to learn that is what matters most. It's not how or where you celebrate it's that you just take time to savor the moment wherever you are and however you can. We are richly blessed.