That All Will See

When I was pregnant with Ellis the Lord dropped a word in my heart about her. He told me her story would go far and wide. So early on in my pregnancy I started to pray those words, that He would spread her story far and wide. I didn't know then what I was praying for. I've written before of the miraculous way in which her life was conceived. I thought it was for those reasons alone her story would travel great distances.

I had no idea God knew something even greater was to come from her story. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't know. Because I would've begged to not have to endure it.

Suffering is never our first choice to display His glory. Yet it is in that very suffering we get to know Him and make His amazing works known. Our family has been astounded to see the doors He has opened for us to tell our story, now on a national stage. Not for any accolades of our own, but for His glory.

From the very first blog I ever wrote, my husband and my desire was that all would see and know He is God. Through every hill and every valley He has shown He is just that, faithful and true. It is for His purposes alone I seek to share our journey with you.

As people read our story, may they always marvel at its author.

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