Thank You..

After last nights post it was pretty amazing to wake up to so many kind words & support. In doing the post I wasn't trying to be whiny or dramatic at all. My overall purpose of sharing that experience was to emphasize that as broken as I was feeling my God has never been nearer to me. I never want to diminish the work that God has already done but rather give Him glory, in the midst of pain, for what He is still doing.The #1 gift He has blessed us with is an incredible support system of friends & I love you all! Just wanted to say a special thank you to the following peeps for lifting me up after a really hard day. Thank you:

Lauren, Alisha, Larissa, Mary, Judi, Lorna, Richard, Steve, JoElla, Amber & Shyla

May you be blessed as much as you all bless me :)