Tests & Prayers

Ever since Joel's last doctors appointment we knew he would have to go in again for additional tests for the area of concern on the lung. With a new baby on the way I agonized over these tests. I didn't know whether it'd be better to try to schedule them before the baby came or after he was here. Honestly neither of those options sounded good to me but I knew it was necessary. We went ahead & decided we would wait & see how my pregnancy was progressing & make the decision after we saw what day his doctor scheduled the tests for. Well we got the slip in the mail this weekend saying they scheduled his CT scan for Friday-July 6th. Well that's great-except for that's my exact due date so no that's not great.We went to my baby doctors appointment today & he thinks the baby is wanting to stay put about a week or so longer which puts the baby possibly coming, yes, on my due date-which is also inconveniently when Joel's CT scan was scheduled. So after weeks of agonizing about our decision of when to do his tests we felt like the decision was made for us. Joel called the doctors office today, explained what was going on, & they pushed his tests up. He is now scheduled to have his CT Scan tomorrow morning at 8:00am & we should get a call a day or two later with the results. My thoughts on this? Well it stinks. But it'd stink having to do it if the baby was here or not. No matter what it's scary & when you're talking about cancer you fight fear almost daily. It just becomes a part of your life albeit a part that you never quite get used to. So that's where we are in life right now. We would so appreciate your prayers tomorrow & the next few days. We continue to believe that Gods in control & that fact doesn't change when the circumstances around seem to be shaky. I still believe that we will be able to check back in with you soon with a good report. God is good & He is faithful.

Love, Sarah