Test Results

Friends we have big news to share. The doctor just called us to say that our test results are in & they see NO spreading of cancer in Joel's body. There is a small dot of an area in his lungs that they will be keeping a watchful eye on but all of his in-depth tests came back clear. When we were in his office last week the doctor had told us that this cancer is super aggressive & that most likely these tests would reveal spreading of the cancer. He was quite adamant about it & stated it almost as a forgone conclusion. As he said that I just sat there & thought to myself "No. We don't accept that. Our God is greater than cancer." What he tried to tell us would probably be we believed otherwise. That doesn't mean that we didn't battle fear but we held on to our faith.These tests to check for spreading will be every 6 weeks for the next year. Then they will grow less frequent but we still have to go 5 years of clear tests for Joel to be declared cancer-free. We have such a long road ahead of us that its overwhelming at times. But God has been & we know will remain faithful to us. We have made some decisions about our future plans regarding chemo that I will share this weekend with you. Tomorrow is Joel's birthday!!! Celebrating another year of life feels even more special this year & probably will stay special every year. Even though its been a tough road we never forget how incredibly blessed we are.

Thank you guys so much for your recent & continued prayers over our life. It means so much to us.

We love you,