Sweet Fall

We are full in on in the middle of fall. This is my favorite time of year for several reasons. The first being that every weekend in the fall we plan our Saturday's around college football games. I love, love, love college football and we are big OU Sooners fans in this house. Normally we prefer to watch the game at home with my family and we make a big meal-sometimes even a brunch.  

I loved growing up in Norman and especial loved the comradery that exists during football games. There's a general excitement that sweeps through town and everyone is just really supportive of the team.

I like to try to attend a game each year and this year was no exception. This year I got to attend a game with my friend Lauren. We had a blast-love her!

As much attention as we were paying to the game we couldn't help but be quite riveted by the GORGEOUS sunset in front of us. I just had to pull out my phone and take a pic.

Oklahoma really does have some of the most beautiful sunsets on earth. It makes up for all of the tornadoes and earthquakes..... :)

The other reason that I love this time of year is because it's when we celebrate my FAVORITE holiday-Thanksgiving! I'm sorry but any holiday that is based solely on a delicious meal is right up my alley-ha ha. But if I were to be honest it's not only that. I love a holiday that is about just taking time to be thankful for the many blessings in your life. I tried to look back on last Thanksgiving and how it went and I realized that I don't even remember last Thanksgiving. There's a lot of things that I don't remember from the last year and a lot of that is because I was running just on pure survival mode day in and day out. So this year I am beyond thankful that we can just relax, enjoy and celebrate all of the blessings in our life-because they are many.

Have a wonderful week friends.