Summertime Sunshine

This summer has been absolutely amazing for our family. After being cooped up in our house through the winter and spring (while Ellis was recouping) I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be able to get out and explore. After what we endured last Novemeber I feel so grateful for these moments with my children.

One of their favorite things to do is go to the park and we do it often. Milo loves to play on the toys and fish in the pond while Ellis loves to feel the sunshine on her face and giggle as the wind tickles her nose.

Milo recently turned THREE! I can't believe it. For birthday parties we like to keep it a small family affair. Although I am one who loves to throw a fun party, I learned a valuable lesson after we had to celebrate Milo's first birthday at the hospital where my husband was reblitating after his stroke. I had originally planned a huge birthday carnival for the ages inviting all our friends and family to be a part. The invitations had already been sent out before my husband went in for the cancer surgery that would forever change our lives. It wasn't ideal to have to change our plans to a small family hospital gathering but we were together as a family.

That was all that mattered. That is all that still matters.

Now I forgo the big parties to celebrate birthdays amongst a tight family circle. We typically do a fun outing then dinner and of course cake. This year Milo received a fishing pole and his very first bicycle for his birthday. My husband loved to ride bikes and he would've been so proud to see Milo hop on his bike for the very first time. It was a good day.

I never take for granted these moments.

Milo's birthday, Ellis' recovery, time with BOTH of my children. 7 months ago I never would've imagined I'd have the gift of more time with my family as we are. And though we are always missing one, I am so blessed to have my children and our family. Each day is a gift.

Choose Joy Project is next Thursday. For all of the ashes we have walked through I am holding on tight to this season of JOY! 165 families signed up to participate this year. We are blessed.

More to come on Choose Joy soon...

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