Step forward-Step backward

If yesterday was hump day let's hope that last night was hump night. We had a hard night last night & got very little sleep. Joel has been urinating but they are doing bladder scans & there is still liquids in his bladder. Because of this they are still having to catheter him every  few hours. According to Joel this process is even more painful than his incision. Please be praying that his bladder will function properly & will empty itself 100%. According to the Dr this whole situation is normal when you lose a kidney-but it will definitely keep us here in the hospital until it is fixed. Joel's blood pressure has gone up high again. They put him back on the blood pressure medicine but they are probably going to need to up the dosage. Please be praying that his blood pressure will go back down. This is a very important step towards our being able to leave the hospital as well.

In better news he is completely off of the morphine which is great. He is now just taking pain meds by mouth which is a step in the right direction. Also as of last night he is now able to take liquids. Woo hoo for Jello!

Please keep praying for us & praying for his recovery. We have been at the hospital for 5 days now & are totally beat. We are ready to go home but know that we need to get Joel to a better place before we can get there.

Still not allowing visitors up here. We have our day down to a routine of naps-walking the halls-nurse testing-then bathroom trips. It sounds like a small routine but really each step in the process takes a very long time. I know you guys want to see him but we need to keep working on our routine & working on getting him better so we can get home. More than likely once we get home is when people will be able to see him. At the hospital there's just too much going on.

Thanks for checking this blog & for keeping up with us & thinking of us!

We love you lots,