Springing Forward

  It feels like we skipped winter completely this year and hopped right into spring. Not that I am complaining. One of my favorite spring trees is the Red Bud. They have been blooming like crazy everywhere. Love them.

If we aren't at work lately we are normally at home working on getting everything ready for our new home. It is amazing how many things you have to do when building a home. We have been a little bummed at the pace of which things have been moving with our builder. They were supposed to be be finished 6 1/2 weeks before my due date-that has now become 4 weeks before my due date. Does that stress me out? Why of course it does! I am a planner and I in no way like to think about being within a month of my due date and living out of boxes still. But I am trying to just release all of that and not stress as much as possible. I know the end results will be worth it. Just can't wait until we get there.

Yesterday we celebrated Mom's birthday. She got her favorite cake from Raspberries & Creme. Yum! We had a great time celebrating her. Here I am with Mom and Sister.

Hard to believe that by this time next year our son will be here celebrating with us. We are beyond excited to meet our new favorite person.

Our first family photo :)