Spring is Springing

Saturday was gorgeous weather in Oklahoma. It was one of those days that you just had to get outside so my Mom and I took Milo to the park to feed ducks and play. This particular park we went to was in the neighborhood I used to live in as a little girl. I remember when the land all around the lake was undeveloped and my posse of 9 year old friends would walk through the field to go explore and walk around the lake. We would take picnic lunches and hop around hay bales and act like we were on an adventure to some far away land. How simple times were back then. It is cool to me to see my son growing up in the same town that I did and to be able to revisit some of those same sites with my child now. My hope for him is that even though our world has changed drastically since then that he will be able to have a childhood full of exploration and adventure just like I did.Here are some pics from our day.