So it Begins

Today was the first of all the appointments Ellis has over the next 2 weeks. It was one of her more important ones because it was with a children's physical therapist who would evaluate where she is at physically, as well as a plan for moving forward. I'm thrilled to say Ellis got a positive report. They said she looks excellent and they see no red flags. She's displaying all the reflexes and things her bodies supposed to do. They loved that she held her head up and stood on her little toes when they stood her up. She tracked well with her eyes and reached for the toys. She, of course, displayed her feisty spirit when they were pushing her to do things she didn't want to do. She got so mad during tummy time at one point she literally tried to crawl off the table. This girl.

At this point she's more on track for where a 2 month old should be, which is completely normal for a baby who lost a month of her life in the hospital. Basically, she shows no signs of a brain injury as far as her physicality. This is all amazing and encouraging news. She will only need monthly check-ins and not the weekly ones we were anticipating. They said if she continues on this forward track, as she has been, they see no reason why she won't continue to hit her milestones. Incredible. This is all things we were told she would never be able to do.

Her right side moves and does what it is supposed to do but it is weaker than her left. While it's gotten better, we do have to continue to work with her on this at home. We need prayers for progress on that. We also need prayers that not only does she continue to be on track physically, but she stays on track on the mental front as well.

Her therapist was amazed by her which has been the case for every medical person she's encountered. She is literally a walking miracle in every way.

Today was a good day for Ellis. As I drove home from her appointment I felt so blessed by the Lord. A month ago this is not, in any way, where I thought we would be. A month ago I didn't think she would live. To see where we are now, well, He is just good.

A dear friend of ours, from the See Beautiful organization, is selling a bracelet to help with Ellis' medical fund. If you would like to order the $15 cuff click here. We love our Ellis Cuff and know you will too.

Thank you so much for your prayers, they are working. I can't wait to share more as her story unfolds. So blessed by our girl.