So close

Hope you guys enjoyed the video from yesterday. Some of you we have never met before so we wanted you to be able to put faces with our names. We have been asked what time Joel's surgery is. We do not know & we might not know until the day before. We know that we will be checking into OU Health & Science-Presbyterian Tower on Sunday morning. At 4:00 am on Monday they will take Joel back for his first part of the surgery which is when he will have his embolization. This will be the first step before his actual surgery. This involves going into an artery & placing a blood clot in front of his kidney. Too be honest I don't really understand the big purpose of this-I just know that it will help his big surgery to run more smoothly which is A-OK with us! I will post whatever further details as well as the surgery time-as soon as I know.

I have also been asked about praying for his surgery. I would LOVE to know that he is covered in prayer during his operation. I have thought about putting up a list where people can sign up to pray in 30 minute increments. His surgery will probably be 8 hours or longer. That would mean we would need at least 16-24 people who would commit to praying for Joel during that time. I know it is a big commitment to ask of people-especially when most are at work. I have been leery of even asking more of you than I already have so I don't know. I will think this over & come up with something over the next couple of days.

We only have 3 states left to get! Can you believe it?? We started with only 20 & needed 30 more. Now we have 47 & need only 3: Vermont, Utah & Maine. If you know someone in those states please ask them to consider joining us in prayer for Joel. We also have many different people in many other countries. It has been amazing the support we have gotten & we thank all of you immensely.

Also, I want to talk about something else for a minute. I want to give you guys a little bit of small advice based on what we have gone through & that is the importance of an advanced directive. What that is-is a form that basically states all of your health wishes should you encounter a medical emergency & you are unable to make decisions for yourself. It also gives you the chance to decide who you want to make those decisions on your behalf. Many of you might remember the Terry Schiavo case. That whole situation is something that could have been avoided had a simple advanced directive been signed. This is something that Joel & I have both done now. If I can give you any advice it would be to do it now when you are not in the midst of a crisis. Because it is really emotional to have to think about all of these things when you are going through it. I have found a site where you can print it off & fill it out for FREE. All you have to do is have 2 witness' sign it & you are good to go. So really-there's no reason not to. And trust will be glad that you did. Here is the link:

Joel is working on a blog before his operation. So you will be hearing from him in the next few days.

Thank you guys for all you do. Thank you for reading & thank you for your support. I can never say it enough.


Sarah UPDATE-Its down to 2-Maine & Utah!