Siess Fam Christmas

Ok so I promise this will be my last Christmas post. As stated before I am not a big Christmas fan but I am a big fan of spending time with family-especially the Siess side of the family. My Dad has a brother & a sister. My Aunt sadly passed away a few years ago as did my grandpa. That leaves my grandma, Uncle Gary, Aunt Tami & 3 cousins Gary, Trevar & Aubrey. Our family get togethers are small but always full of love, joking and tears from laughing so hard. This year we traded our normal tradition of Guestures in order to watch old family videos. It was so neat to sit together and laugh at all of our old hair, outfits and overall goofiness. The moments in those videos seemed like yesterday-not 20 years ago. Just a reminder of how fast time flies and how much I need to appreciate every moment. I love my Siess fam so very much! Here's some pics of our 2 day Christmas celebration.