No he's not praising The Lord in this photo. He's just conked out in my arms. It's been a rough week at our house. Our boy got his very first illness. He's cried, I've cried we've all cried. I've heard many a Momma talk about the helpless feelings that arise when your child is crying out in pain. To not be able to do anything for him is the worst thing ever. I just hold him & rock back in forth. I cry with him. It breaks my heart that he hurts and all I can do is try to bring him some measure of peace as I hold him close & whisper my love for him over & over again.Not long ago a dear friend of ours told us he had been praying for us over a situation that we are going through. (Which, by the way, biggest blessing in the world to have friends that lift you up in prayer. Truly.) It was the oddest thing-he says-as I prayed I just started to cry. After he told me that I wondered why he would cry. I prayed that God would give me the reason. He did. As you walk through this situation I am with you-when you weep I weep-was His answer. Sometimes I struggle with my view of God as a Father. That may sound crazy but I am more able to relate to the awesome majestic wonder of God more than the small whispers of a God of comfort, a Daddy. I'm working on that. Having my son has given me so much more revelation in that area. I love Milo fiercely but as much as I love him God loves him more. And God loves me that same way. That blows my mind. And when I hurt He hurts for me. It says He collects every tear. As I held my son in my arms the other night God was reinforcing that to me once again. "Never once will I ever walk alone-never once will He leave me on my own. You are faithful God You are faithful."