Seasons Change

Summer has officially drawn to a close and we are heading into fall, although the 90 degree temperatures in Oklahoma certainly do not currently feel seasonally appropriate. I know cooler weather will come soon, because that's how life works. There's something about the change of seasons that always gets to me. I feel like there's such a poetic-ness (is that a word? If not I just made it one!) to it. I love how right when you get to the brink of all the heat you can stand there's a respite in the season of fall. In the same way just when you are over the frigidness of winter in comes the warmth of spring. I feel like the Lord created it that way to show us that nothing last forever. No hurt, no pain, no difficult season in life is here to stay.

The seasons of our journey with Ellis tend to be an ever changing thing to be a part of. When she first came home she was so sick, so tiny and so frail. That season in and of itself was just the season of keeping her alive, quite honestly.

The season after that was a season of stability. We just wanted to keep everything stable in her world and improvement. We weren't looking for extreme highs and were fighting against extreme lows. In many ways just trying to keep our heads above water. That was a hard season.

I feel like the season we are in now is a season of advancement. This is the time where we are working really hard at progression. There's a rhyme and reason for nearly every moment of our day, filled to the brim with therapeutic measures to move her forward. Our day is almost a choreographed dance of feedings, eye exercises, and physical therapy. It can be exhausting. For a long while it seemed like the steps forward were so small they could almost be deemed insignificant.

But they were steps forward. 

As she continues that forward march small steps have turned into big ones.

We have seen much advancement in therapy with her head and trunk control, which has helped her to get better and better at sitting up.

Her rolling has improved as she's starting to learn to use her upper body to move herself around to where she wants to be.

She's started to come alive in her love for toys, playing with them, batting at them, taking them in.

Then there's her growth.

For a long time her growth stayed stable but wasn't really progressing. When we were in that season of stability this was ok but as time moved on it became really important for her to make some strides in her growth.

This last pediatric visit all of her stats finally started to trend upward, which was huge for her. Even though she is still small for her age she is growing steadily. The picture below is at her doctors appointment where she is absolutely beaming at her progress. She responds so well to encouragement and praise and we are often telling her she CAN do it, there's no limits for her, and we are so proud of her. She lights up when we dote on her, especially when big brother gets in on the action.

Each season has had its ups and downs, just like every season of life does. This last year of seasons has been more hard work than I ever could of imagined. But every time I look at her I see how far she's come and I see the unlimited potential of how far she can go. And for that my heart is so grateful.

I'm thankful for seasons. I'm thankful they don't last forever. I'm thankful that just as the winter seems too much to bare spring comes marching in. I'm thankful that each change reminds me of growth and how blessed we are to experience it. As difficult as this season is, it's better than the last season. And the next season will be better than this one was and so on and so forth.

Before you know it it's hard to even believe what's to come, just around the bend. Sometimes you just have to hold on tight until you get there.

Time, it just keeps moving onward. We were blessed with summer and the warmth it brings but oh how my heart is so ready for the pumpkins, crackling leaves, red, and yellow oranges of fall.

Soon. Soon.

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