Saying goodbye & hello

I can hardly believe it's been a full month since my last post. This month has been full of many things even besides the holidays. Last weekend we officially moved out of our home and as of tomorrow we will close on the sale of our house. Moving out was hard and I felt surprisingly sad when we were on our way out of the door. This was our first house that we have owned together and we went through a lot in our 5 1/2 years there. During our cancer battle going home was such a sense of security for us-especially after our long weekends away in Houston. There truly was no place like home for us. Taking that last look before we walked out the door was a sad goodbye.

What's next for us? We are very excited to be building a new house but unfortunately it isn't finished yet and is still about 5 months away from completing. That means that until the house is done we are in a rental house. We are determined to keep everything as packed up as possible so we don't have to re-pack again in 5 months. So living out of boxes means-we probably won't be having any dinner parties at our house any time soon-ha!  Even though we were sad to leave our old place we know that it will all be worth it once we get into the new home.

We also said goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012. I can hardly believe that this year has come to an end. This will be our first year in 2 years that we will start a new year with Joel being cancer free. We are definitely excited for what's ahead of us in the next year and full of hope for what's ahead.

Along those lines, Joel has his next CT scan this Tuesday. With the holidays and all of the moving craziness these last 3 months have flown by and I can't believe it's time to go back again. As I've said before these tests are always hard and it's difficult to not fear what could be ahead of us. You always hope and believe for the best but we know how life can change in an instant and that's where the fear comes in. We would love it if you thought of and prayed for us and for clear test results once again. God is faithful.

Expecting amazing things for the year ahead!


Sarah & Joel