We are headed into Easter weekend. For people of faith this weekend is one of reflection and thankfulness for a Savior who gave His life for us. As the weekend draws near I find myself more and more, reflecting on the word resurrection.

The obvious way to think of resurrection is of our Savior brought to life again, conquering death and giving us victory forever.

But I have been thinking of resurrection in a broader sense.

I have been reflecting on how God can take what was once thought of as "dead" things in our life and bring resurrection to them.

The way He turns hopeless situations to hopeful ones again.

The way He takes our deepest sorrows and turns them to joys.

His resurrection power is not only displayed in the grandest resurrection of them all, but also in the powerful ways He brings life to what we once thought of as lifeless.

He gives reminders to us of this power through a dead winter resurrected into a glorious spring.

He whispers to us through His creation, no season will last forever.

There's no amount of cold that cannot be overpowered by His warmth; the warmth of His might that springs forth something new and glorious.

Because of His resurrection power, death is never truly the end. Our lives can always be taken and made whole, or made new, by His sovereign hand.

The resurrection is a promise of not only life eternal but of true life restored from the very one who rose.

There's nothing beyond His power.

There's nothing beyond His might.

What once seemed like the end may merely be the beginning.

He brings the dead things to life.

And the darkness to light.

Creating morning from night.

Through the power of resurrection.


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